Dear Employers


Employers, please respect the time of your workers!

You explained and I agreed that work starts at 8am in the morning, ends at 6pm in the evening, and lunch break from 12pm to 2pm. It was a mutual agreement before I decided to join the company.

I did not sign up for a job only to be told I’m expected to reach 15 minutes before any of the previously agreed time. You have me work over time until the last drop of blood you could possibly squeezed out of me, unapologetically, uncompensated.

That 25 minutes you stole from my lunch break was overlooked and kept silent. In order to recuperate, I punched in 2 minutes early before lunch break ends (not your expected 15 minutes) only to be confronted for being LATE.

To give in to your unreasonable request and expectations, I need to undercut my own free time and make a time line shift to my daily routines. And that creates a whole lot of inconvenience to my personal life.

Dear employers, in case you do not already know, your workers’ time is just as valuable as yours. Your work exploitation is not acceptable in a healthy working environment. Your remorseless request and poor time management have created resentful feelings in your workers who decided to suck it up anyway just because they have a family to feed.


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