How “they” see the world through drawing

This morning I had the opportunity to teach English language to a seven year-old class in a kindergarten school. After I was done teaching, realizing there were some minutes left to spare, I instructed the children to paint some cartoon pictures found in their workbook. As I was patrolling the class to check on their […]


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This afternoon I stumbled upon a movie in the movie library called “Wakefield”. It is starred by Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner. I always look up for the trailer of every movie before watching it, just to ensure the movie is worth my precious two hours of attention that I am very stingy to devote. […]

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Dear Employers

Employers, please respect the time of your workers! You explained and I agreed that work starts at 8am in the morning, ends at 6pm in the evening, and lunch break from 12pm to 2pm. It was a mutual agreement before I decided to join the company. I did not sign up for a job only […]

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